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What to do? Theft Prevention

Protect Your Assets

Life on the Prairie here at Domino’s Farms is generally quiet and peaceful.  However, don’t let the serenity of the farm interfere with your responsibility to protect your personal property.  Don’t let yourself become a victim of theft.  Most people become victims of theft because they become too trusting and comfortable in their environment.  Most don’t take the time to lock their purse, Blackberry, or PDA in a cabinet before leaving their desk.  Notebook computers, MP3 players, compact discs, and other electronics are routinely left in plain sight on vehicle seats.  Cash and coins are left in unlocked desk drawers.  All of these are invitations to steal.  Most people are what we would consider “honest” law abiding citizens.  However given the right combination of circumstances even an honest person might make the decision to steal.  With Michigan facing large job losses and a tough economy many people are becoming desperate and will do whatever it takes to survive, including stealing.  Security encourages you to take steps to protect yourself and your valuables at the office, in your vehicle, and at home.  In the office, lock-up items of value, especially purses, even if you are only going to be away from your desk for a few minutes.  In your vehicle, keep valuable items in the glove compartment or trunk, something as simple as a CD on your seat can be inviting for a criminal.  At home keep money and jewels hidden or better yet in a safe anchored to the floor.  Keep the doors to your house locked and your garage door closed even while home.  By taking these simple steps you can help protect your assets and keep yourself from becoming a victim.