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Domino's Farms Security

Parking Lot Escorts

Lost & Found

The Security Control Center located at Lobby H Level 2 maintains the primary Lost and Found for the OP.  Items are logged and kept for a minimum of thirty days.  After thirty days items will be disposed of through donation to local charities or discarded.  If you would like to check the Lost and Found for an item you can call 734-930-4911.

Car Trouble

Office Park Security Agents are ready to assist in the event you experience trouble starting your vehicle.  You can get assistance by calling 734-930-4911.  In the event the problem with your vehicle is more than a jump start can solve, Agents will assist you in contacting the local tow service.  Security Agents cannot perform tire changes or retrieve your keys from a locked vehicle however they will be happy to assist in contacting the local tow service for assistance.


Office Park Security will investigate any and all crimes or incidents that occur at Domino's Farms and will work closely with local law enforcement and other investigating agencies as required.  It is important to note however that we are employees of Domino's Farms Office Park and are limited in how far we can proceed with investigations, especially those involving internal issues within your company.  Please contact a member of the Security Management team for further details regarding investigative services.

Emergency Management

Security is the primary emergency manager for the OP.  The Security Department creates and maintains the Site Emergency Plan for the Office Park, however when an crisis impacts the facility all Office Park Departments work together as part of a multi-disciplinary Emerterroralertchartgency Team that comprises Maintenance, Grounds, Property Management, as well as the Security force.  These groups combine to execute the directives of the Site Emergency Team in response to the crisis.

We can also assist you with setting up an Emergency Plan for your company.  Please contact Security at 734-930- 4911 if you have any questions.